Sup + Fitness

SUP Ab Blast 

Tired of crunches at the gym? You may have heard that SUP by itself is a great core workout but we are taking it to another level! A series of core exercises performed on your board combined with short paddling intervals will burn fat while building lean muscle. This Chicago SUP exclusive class format is for all levels, even those new to paddle boarding or fitness. 

Tuesday night 5:00 pm, Thursday night 6:00 pm 

SUP Stroke Technique

Ready to take your paddling to the next level? Learn how to improve your paddle stroke to become more efficient and powerful. Spoiler alert, you don’t paddle with just your arms!  

Learn about the fundamental elements of the paddle stroke and different techniques to use in a variety of water conditions. 

Maybe you have even thought about giving your first SUP race a try? This is the class for you to get started. Taught by an experienced SUP racer, you will see improvements immediately. 

Thursday night 7:00 pm