Why should I paddle with Chicago SUP?

ChicagoSUP is Chicago's original SUP outfitter! We have 4 great locations along with the knowledge, experience and top of the line equipment to show you and your group a great time on the water!

Take a few minutes to hear the story of our company and an overview of daily beach life with this great Chitowny Video! 


What is Stand-Up Paddleboarding?

Stand-up Paddle Boarding, or SUP, is a hybrid of Surfing and Kayaking, which involves standing on an oversized surf board, and paddling with a single bladed paddle. The concept, which was originally used by ancient polynesian cultures, has seen a revival in the last 15 years. With the development of specialized equipment, the popularity of the sport has exploded, beginning in Hawaii, and spreading to just about every body of water worldwide. Now Lake Michigan! Stand-up Paddle Boarding is a sport that can be enjoyed by just about anybody. It is a family friendly activity that offers an unparalleled form of exercise. SUP is truly the most relaxing way to get a full body workout. Several professional athletes utilize SUP in their off season training routines, but it is a great supplement to any workout regime.

In addition to the recreation and fitness aspects of SUP, you can race, and even surf on these boards. Yes, even on Lake Michigan! The size, combined with the fact that you are already standing and moving, allows you to catch waves and enjoy the thrill of surfing even on small days. Yet the biggest draw of Stand-up Paddle Boarding is the unique perspective it gives you. It is unlike any other activity, truly giving you the opportunity to experience what it feels like to walk on water! 

Combine that with the chance to do all this amongst the iconic Chicago Skyline, and you have an experience that is unmatched anywhere in the world!

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