Our Mission

Chicago is not only our home but it is also yours. Chicago SUP is a green company. We believe in helping protect the Great Lakes for future generations to enjoy by organizing beach and water cleanups throughout the season. Chicago SUP strongly supports efforts to protect the fragile ecosystem from invasive species such as the Asian Carp and Zebra mussel, as well as protecting our waters from dumping. We also work closely with the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project in order to aid in their efforts to raise awareness of rip current dangers and drowning prevention. From our electric golf cart to daily beach clean-ups, the Chicago SUP team is working to help raise awareness and eliminate the issues affecting our Great Lakes.

Teaming up with Chicago Clean’s UP

Have a group of people who are adamant about cleaning up? Then partner with Chicago Clean’S UP and Chicago SUP. With your group’s desire to beautify the beaches of Chicago, guidance from the Chicago Clean’S UP team, and fun on the water with Chicago SUP, organizing a beach cleanup has never been better. To organize a clean up for a company event, school activity, or

How to Join the Cause

The beaches of Chicago can’t only be a few people, it needs to the whole city getting together to take care of our ecosystem together. Whenever Chicago Clean’s UP organizes a beach clean up, stay in the loop by joining our email list below and following us on social media (@ChicagoSUP on instagram). By joining the email list we will be able to keep you in the loop, send out evites for organizing purposes, spread the word to others, and say thank you to all those who cleaned.