North Avenue Beach is Chicago’s premier Stand-Up Paddleboarding destination featuring an unparalleled view of the Chicago Skyline from the water! This picturesque background makes for a memorable Paddle Boarding experience. Offering 7 days/week Rentals, Lessons, Storage, lockers for rent, storage for belongings and more, this location also features Chicago’s largest paddle zone stretching from the North boundary near Fullerton to the South end of the beach near North Avenue, with the ability to paddle in between North Avenue Beach and Ohio Street Beach during our Paddle Commute hours of 7am-10am, conditions permitting. Learn more about our Commuter Paddles.

Hours of Operation: 7a-7p, 7 days/ week, weather permitting

Note: While North Avenue Beach has been dubbed the epicenter of Paddleboarding in Chicago, it can also yield more challenging conditions during mid-day weekend hours. We recommend visiting one of our other locations if you’re looking for calmer water or lessons during these times


5hour Rental Pass: $150

10hour Rental Pass: $250

Unlimited Season Pass: $500

Storage: $500

Off Peak Access: (Eligible with 10hour and Season Passes)

Access to boards daily 5a-9p during daylight hours, outside of regular business hours, weather permitting.

**Pass purchase does not guarantee you off-peak access privileges**

All pass holders seeking Off-Peak access privileges need to demonstrate an ability to paddle in a safe manner and a proficiency in the equipment handling process prior to being granted the privilege to access equipment at their discretion. A Chicago SUP Team member will personally assess each individuals ability to demonstrate the necessary requirements to access the equipment. A one-time $50 non-refundable fee will be required to conduct assessment for the privilege to access equipment. Once granted access, customers will be able to access the equipment 7 days/ week, 5a-9p, during day light hours, via fingerprint ID. Chicago SUP does not allow access to equipment during night/ adverse conditions. All patrons will be required to sign agreement and adhere to terms and conditions in order to receive and maintain access. For Off-Peak privileges at different locations there is an additional fee of $25 per location to be trained in that locations process.