Experience yoga on the water this summer and ride the waves of self discovery. Take a break, enjoy nature, relax, and add a playful thrill to your yoga practice. The amazing skyline view and a blissful savasana are like no other. Classes are done entirely on the boards on Lake Michigan and all levels are welcome! Lessons are recommended for first time paddlers but our skilled teachers will guide you no matter where you are in your journey. We can’t wait to share this beautiful practice with you!

Class Schedule:

Ohio Street Beach beginning 6/15: 

Saturday - 9am

Sunday - 9am

Full Moon Yoga Flow

Join us for an evening on the lake under a full moon. Expect a gentle yoga flow and meditation on the water. Together let's discover inner peace and balance on the water under the glow of a summer night. 

Dates to be announced soon

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+ Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

If weather is unsafe to paddle or we don’t have enough people for class we will communicate to you 2 hours before the start of class time via email/text message. If cancelled you can come to another class or paddle at your convenience before the end of the season.

+ What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing with a swim suit underneath. Athletic clothing that wicks water away from the body is ideal. Yoga pants/shorts or rash gards are advisable for sun protection and comfort while moving.

+ Will I fall in?

It’s encouraged although not required! We learn in our yoga practice to let go and grow through falling, shaking, and discovering new boundries (safely). In the water you will find a new found sense of freedom and adventure in your practice and life. Classes are done in shallow waters and you will easily be able to get back up and enjoy class. We always start with grounded postures and core awareness to help you tune into the wave and your breath to be “one with the board”.

+ Where do I park?

Parking is available for early morning classes but is limited. We highly recommend a taxi, bus, run, bike or walking to the beach.